Motivational Speaker

 Motivational Speaker

Motivational Speaker

When I’ve fixed my teeth
finished my degree
and lost 10lbs

I’ll take my place
on the hallowed stage
above the crowds.

My glowing smile
will show you how
to love yourself

just the way you are.


This poem is about that deep desire to make something of myself, impact others, and create a real difference in the world. Often I feel like there’s so much inside of me that I want to share and express. I would love to take what I’ve been given in life – all the challenges and lessons I’ve been through, and use them to help others.

But I get distracted a lot of the time with that pesky little reality that I’m not perfect. Just a human. And not as accomplished or put-together as all those people I see out there, making a difference. 

And of course I know that I don’t have to be. That the whole point is showing up as my imperfect self, and that’s enough.

Honestly, that’s so much of the message I would love to give others. That you don’t have to be perfect to be wonderful. 

And yet, as an imperfect human I still live with these contradictions! Still aware of where I fall short, still comparing… 

Sometimes all you can do is laugh at yourself and write a poem about it to share with others. Maybe this is how I’ll make a difference!

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