When You’re Addicted To Creative Market But You’re Not A Designer

 When You’re Addicted To Creative Market But You’re Not A Designer

When You’re Addicted To Creative Market But You’re Not A Designer

It’s the same 

all over again.
He shows up in my inbox 

with backgrounds, colors, concepts
almost-blank slates of potential 
whispering promises 

of what we could achieve 


With your brain 
and my boho-chique designs

You could really do something.
You could really be somebody.

Just think.

You could have 
a branding strategy 
and a workbook 
and stock photos 
unseen on Unsplash.

You could share those ideas 
of yours that, you know 
really mean something.

The ones that linger on 
long after they’ve 
been scrolled through

Piercing through layers 
and lodging themselves 
in the hearts of people. 

You could look amazing
— no, baby, you are amazing — 
but they don’t know that yet. 

They need to see it. 

They need to see you look amazing 
and be amazing
as you inspire others
to be amazing, too.

With your on-point messaging 
and your perfect 
purchased templates

How about it, baby?

I know exactly 
what he’s doing. 
The games he plays

and yet 
they’re already in my cart.

An autumn lifestyle collection
a logo generator
and some brush-stroke fonts.

So beautiful. So boho. 

I have no idea what
to do with them.

I don’t even 
know how

to use Photoshop.


Sooo… Creative Market is an online shop that sells all kinds of digital products for graphic designers. Fonts, templates, images, etc. I’ve started many projects over the years, finished far fewer of them, and bought way more than I needed from this store. 

There’s just something about the beginning of things that is so alluring. I get so many ideas for what I’d like to create. Following through is another matter. 

I used to get so frustrated with myself for not being able to bring all my inspiration to fruition. But over time, I’ve come to accept that this is how I roll. That there’s always going to be a surplus of ideas compared to what actually gets done. And it’s ok. 

The things I really care about will see the light of day, eventually. Even if it takes a while. Or comes out in a different form that what I was expecting. 

And there’s a value to simply exercising my creativity, because that in itself makes me feel alive and happy, and that energy spills over into other areas. Even if the project of the day goes nowhere. 

Applying zero pressure to myself to complete projects is actually what helps me progress with them. I work on them when I feel like it, when it seems like a fun and good thing to do. It’s like jumping on a wave when it comes and letting it carry you. 

And if I keep doing that, over time, usually at least something ends up getting done!

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