Wow! – I can’t believe we’re finally here.

First off, thank you so much for joining me, whether you were here from the start or found me more recently.

I’ve loved sharing the space with you, and honestly, this blog has taken me to places I never dreamed I’d get to. 

It’s been an incredible journey, hasn’t it? Together we’ve laughed, cried, and done all manner of crazy things.

Just having a place to put my thoughts and impressions has been immensely healing for me, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it, too.

Most of all, I guess I’m glad and grateful that I succeeded in doing something I really wanted to do. Even if parts of it are messy and unfinished.

You don’t have to be perfect to be wonderful – this is a lesson that I’m constantly learning, forgetting, and remembering.

“A Proper Goodbye is Really Something”

When I was studying counseling in Jerusalem years ago, one of my classmates had to leave the course early because she was moving out of the country. At her last class, the rest of us were mentioning how much we were going to miss her, and she told us, “Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll see you around someday.”

And the teacher said something that has stuck with me ever since.

She said, “Isn’t it funny how we’re so afraid to say goodbye? Nobody likes to close doors anymore. But a proper goodbye is really something. It gives meaning to the whole relationship.”

The Natural End of Something Beautiful

It’s true, you know. Nowadays, our connections with people are so fluid and ongoing. They remain linked to you through social media or as contacts on your phone long after the interactions you’ve had with them are over.

There’s a comfort in knowing that old friends and acquaintances are only a text message away. But we’ve also lost something when we can no longer acknowledge and honor the natural end of something beautiful.  

How about one last song prompt? It’s from Jeff Buckley (who sadly said goodbye to this world far too early).

This is our last goodbye.

I hate to feel the love between us die,

But it’s over.

Just hear this and then I’ll go…

No, dear reader. The love between us is NOT dying! Never!

But don’t you think this song really captures the melancholy of an ending? And in a way that’s really emotive, bringing a respect and weight to everything that came before.

Alright, I’m sorry I can’t help it. Here’s one more song. For old times’ sake.

The Time Has Come

The door on this blog is finally closing. 

For those of you who want to stay in touch, I know you’ll find a way. 

And for everyone else, I cherish the time we spent together and thank you deeply for your company.

You’ve been awesome.

Goodbye, my friend.