In Dreamworld

 In Dreamworld

In Dreamworld

Last night in the home
above my head
you crossed a line 
said what you said 

pressed down into depths
and pulled out a stone
unwrapped the secret
together, alone.

Secrets, you said
should be brought to light.
That’s why I’m here
in the dead of night.

You wanted to scare me
thought I would hide
from the dense piece of dark 
uncovered inside.

What poison, exactly
did you expect to find?
You - who are me -
projection of mind?

Of course it’s true
you can call it by name
of course I love you.
I laugh at your game.


Dreams can be troubling when they alert us to our unconscious feelings lurking just beneath the surface, especially when we’ve been carefully constructing an idea of ourselves that makes sense to us in the waking world. There’s nothing like a crazy dream to shake you up!

But I find that the more I learn to consciously accept and love myself, the less hold my shadow side has on me whenever it gets revealed. Whatever’s there is a part of me and it’s allowed to be there. As the responsible conscious adult in the room, I trust myself not to necessarily act on all my feelings, but to make space for them so all parts feel seen and heard.

If I’ve already decided to accept myself wholeheartedly, what is there to fear?

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