Dear Tiny Seedlings

 Dear Tiny Seedlings

Dear Tiny Seedlings

Dear tiny seedlings
Would it be ok
If I put this thing on pause
And not water you today?

What if I took a little break
For a week… or year… or two?
See there’s just been a lot
That I’ve been going through.

Oh precious loves, it’s not your fault
You deserve all that you seek
But Mommy's not been doing well
Since school finished last week.

And all she wants to do right now
Is sit here all alone
All by herself in a quiet room
Playing on her phone.

And feel her soul rise silently
Like a hot air balloon
Above the trees, into the — 

“Coming, be there soon.”


I’m an introvert.

Love my kids truly, madly, deeply.


School summer vacation in the US lasts for two months.

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