The flavor of freedom ⁣
to dip into ⁣
this night

is the experiment⁣
of being yourself.

The pillow of trust⁣
you might want to⁣
lean into⁣

is the idea that⁣
you’re perfectly fine.

                    more building
             someone else’s cities
       on a schedule not your own
no more a stranger in a strange land

you’re done with that
come home.

The rhythm you’re born with⁣
is the seed of 
your music

and the world needs 
to hear your song.


I wrote this one for Passover a few years back, right when I was getting into Human Design. Learning about this unique energy system was truly life-changing for me and incredibly freeing, so I felt it fit in really well with the holiday spirit. 

What’s the connection with freedom? Well, with Human Design you basically get a map of your energy blueprint. I like to explain it as the clothes your soul chooses to wear for this lifetime. Not your absolute essence – that’s infinite and indescribable. Rather, it’s the specific way your energy is going to operate in the world, and this has an effect on your personality, preferences, how you see and how you are seen. 

When you study this map you end up getting a pretty clear understanding of what’s “yours” and what’s “not yours”. Becoming aware that you may have been identifying with energy that’s not actually intrinsic to you can sometimes be rather painful. However, ultimately, it’s an extremely liberating experience to let go of needing to be everything or something you’re not, and be able to accept and love yourself for who you are.

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